Brand identity & strategy

Branding is thousands of years old, but is dramatically changed today.

Ever since directly addressing its target market, businesses have used branding to communicate who they are.

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Effective Branding and Identity succeed in making you recognised by all (branding), and liked by all (identity).

There is so much noise about Branding and Identity, that is is difficult to have a clear understanding of what a Brand is, what an Identity is, and why they are so important to your business.

A Brand simply serves to identify you (your business, service or product), while an Identity serves to differentiate you from your competition.
It really is that simple.

"If this business were to be split up, I would be glad to take the brands, trademarks and goodwill and you could have all the bricks and mortar - and I would fare better than you."

John Stuart, former Quaker Oats chairman

Imagine that you were bland and boring (ie; no Identity, no personality), as a person... How attractive would you be to anyone? It works the same for a business Brand and Identity; without a good one, you go un-noticed.
Whether you need yourIdentity or Branddeveloped, or an advertising Campaign created, König Design can help you. We have offered advice to multiple companies, big and small, that can all testify of the clear benefits, breath of marketing and brand knowledge offered by König Design.
We also consult and design strategies for major businesses, write screenplays for TV adverts, write and direct TV and radio adverts, design press campaigns and releases, organise and manage events, and more.
Branding and Advertising are a language, and like any conversation, it is not what you say but how you say it that matters.

Your message has to be clear, consistent, it also has to be attractive and stand-out as to be noticed and remembered.
Everything revolving around your business ultimately reflects on your business' image; reflects on your Brand, and Identity. That is, every printed material, the architecture of your offices, the colours of your logo, your staff's attitude, performance and presentation, your signage and wayfinding, website, etc... EVERYTHING contribute to give you a good or a bad image.
Let us help you build a good image for your business.


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