How do we Work?

König Design is a Creative Collective, that means that we are not the typical Creative Agency with huge overheads.

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For each job, we put together a team, drawn from a pool of talented professionals, perfectly suited to your and only need.

Our trusted team of professionals is also scaled to your exact needs; small job, small team; big job, big team.

We do not tie you in a Contract, and you always deal directly with the people that are working on your project.

That mean that you do not pay for huge overheads that comes with the regular Creative Agency; with huge staff, and an expensive address in the middle of town.

The Process

Usually you would first tell who you are, and what you are after (i.e.. logo,website, etc).

We would then ask a bit more about budget, and aim, and then if the budget allows for it, we would suggest to meet you as to get a more detailed brief from you.

This is when you can tell us in detail what you are after, and see if there is a certain chemistry between us.

While we certainly can do without, chemistry is important for two reasons;
– If there is chemistry, then there is understanding, and a meeting of mind. This is crucial in the creative process and it will greatly help to understand you and your business.
– It is more fun to deal with people you have fun working with!

During this meeting we will be asking questions, as to further narrow down what you need, and how we can help. We will already be offering solutions, and see if it fits what you are after. We will also advise you on a different route, if we feel that your idea is not fully suited to your needs.

As professional, we feel that it is our duty to advise the client, sometimes against what the client has already in mind. We will also respect the client’s decision to go against our advise if it is what the client believes in… we are here to give you what you want.

Once we have a better idea of what is needed, we will be asking if you have a budget in mind. This is always a good question to ask, as sometimes clients are not aware of real costs, or effective amount of work and expertise required to produce what their have in mind. If the budget, is too low for what is required, then we can either convince you that what you are asking commands a bigger budget allocation, or revise down the production details to fit the budget. Either way we will find a way to give you what you are after.

After our briefing meeting, we will know what to do, how to do it, and at exactly or roughly at what cost.

We would now quote for the job in detail, sourcing the right contractor(s) for the job, if needed, and set Production details, and design time/budget allocation.

We then email you a formal quote, detailing what you get, for what cost.

A quote will always be very precise in what it encompasses, and how many hours are allocated to this particular job.

Please note: While we are doing the job, and if we feel that we are approaching the budget ceiling fast, and that we are no way near finished, then we would, IN ADVANCE, make you aware that we are soon to be over-budget, and then work together to either get the job done quickly and in budget, or re-evaluate our estimate based on a new updated quote.

After having emailed you the quote, then we wait for your quote approval.

Once the quote has been approved, it is time to get into what we were commissioned for in the first place!

First would be producing a design, which we feel fits the brief.

In the case of a website, we would produce a one or two typical pages, to show you what the site will look like, we will also design the architecture of the whole site, showing you how many pages are going to be created, and how they relate to each other. We would generally prepare 2-3 designs, for your approval. Sometimes we would show you a working live templates, with menus and flash animation already in place.

In the case of a logo, a brochure, flyer, etc, we would be producing 2-3 designs to choose from, and get your feedback.

If none of the designs produced are rocking your boat, no problem, we keep producing new designs, until you are 200% happy!

When the initial design has been approved, that is when we complete the job, and populate the content.

If it is a website, we would then build the whole site, and put it in our Live Testing web address for your scrutiny and perusal.

If it is a logo, we would then finalise the design with all colour and format variations.

For a brochure, or Annual Report, we would start laying out all the pages, and supply a complete low-resolution proof for Artwork Approval. A fair amount of changes, and amendments are already allocated to the job at the quoting stage, for us to drive it through to final approval, ready for production.


Once the quote, the design, and then the final complete artwork has been approved, then it is production time! We would print and deliver it, publish your website on the net, fabricate and install your signage, etc…

We usually invoice at the very end; only when the job has been delivered, and that we have called you, and are sure that you are 200% happy.

For website, and big jobs, we would discuss payment terms with you at the quoting stage, and agree on a suitable progress payment plan. Often it consists in an initial 50% after design and quote approval, and the balance on completion.

How much will it cost?

This is the most frequently asked question… And my favourite answer is another question; How much does a car cost?

One can buy a second-hand car for nearly nothing, another can buy a Ferrari for a bit more. Both cars are perfectly suited to the intended owner; according to their specific needs and financial means.

Similarly, we can work with (nearly) any budget; either small or huge. It all depend of what you can afford. With both small and big budgets, we will guarantee you that you will be satisfied.

As we always say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and that is where our creativity, and lateral thinking, comes into play!


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