Signage & Wayfinding

Signage and Wayfinding are essential tools to help us navigate our environment.

Effective signage makes finding your way in an unknown area self-evident, humane, and intuitive, as opposed to frustrating and leaving you feeling lost.

walking alone
people walking

Signage and Wayfinding are the urban UI (User Interface), for a rewarding UX (User Experience), helping navigate our urban environment.​

Signage's function is primarily to direct and identify.
But, being functional and practical does not mean it has to be boring; signage can be very creative and entertaining. Everything helps paint a picture of your business, and not being able to find the entrance of your offices from the parking lot will not help your client's good disposition toward you. Signage and Wayfinding are the urban UI (User Interface), for a good UX (User Experience) of our cities.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are very important tools in designing any product or service and will decide of its success. A good interface helps the end-user getting what he wants, and a good UX makes the experience fun and painless.
A well designed signage is a successful interface between the end-user and the environment, insuring a pleasant user experience.

Signage is one of these everyday things that is easy to not pay any attention to, until you are confronted with ineffective or absent directions and are rendered lost and frustrated.


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