Who is Konig Design?

Who is Konig Design?

König Design was formed in 1999, and has grown in strength since.

We can offer a total identity management. Our services, focused on quality, can provide any type of communication solutions, adapted to your business, your budget.

Award wining creative agency

Konig Design has been rewarded with multiple industry recognitions over the years; with national and state Design awards, regularly invited to judge Design competitions nationally, and had the privilege to have its work exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us!

Our services are available to you anytime, anywhere, and at a very competitive rate. We have a can-do attitude, and will always ensure that your are 200% satisfied with our services!



This is the most frequently asked question… And my favourite answer is another question; How much does a car cost?

One can buy a second-hand car for nearly nothing, another can buy a Ferrari for a bit more. Both cars are perfectly suited to the intended owner; according to their specific needs and financial means.

Similarly, we can work with (nearly) any budget; either small or huge. It all depend of what you can afford. With both small and big budgets, we will guarantee you that you will be satisfied. As we always say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and that is where our creativity, and lateral thinking, comes into play!

So, why should I spend big bucks, if you can get the job done cheaper? I hear you asking… Well, both a Ferrari and a cheap car will get you from point A to B, which is the originally intended purpose for any mean of transportation, but you’ve got to admit that you are getting so much more with a Ferrari, aren’t you?

I did a photo shoot recently, for a Government Department, and we rented a whole stadium, with props and actors on hand. The cost was substantial, and obviously suited to the intended aim.

Another photo shoot was for a local restaurant, to provide pictorial material for a new website we were developing for them… well, I did not charge for the shoot, as the budget for their website was enough to cover the cost of a minor photo shoot.

Two photo shoots, two very different budgets, both perfectly suited for the commission, and both with very successful outcomes.

We see more and more online auction-type website that offer logo-creation services for close to nothing. The work sold on these platforms mainly, but not exclusively, originates from developing countries, where people are willing to work for a lot less than Australian can and /or would.

So why use a more expensive Australian company?

This debate is the same as what has been happening in so many industry, from clothing, footwear, toys, etc… It is a Globalisation issue, and an ethical one too. Would you pay more to keep Australians employed (your sons and daughters), or would you rather pay less, and discover that one day you are also the victim of Globalisation, with your job outsourced cheaper in another country? No one can stop Globalisation, nor should, and there is positive effects from Globalisation, but there is also still good reasons for using local assets and talents.

Another, totally different consideration is ,getting your logo done by a complete stranger, countries away, is like asking somebody you have never met to buy you clothes; or like marrying a girl you have never met. Chances are that the choice of clothes, or Bride will not be a fit to you, and meet your needs and wants!

Good design is a tailor-made answer to your business’ needs. It is a UNIQUE proposition that should only fit YOU. That is why good design is precious, special and personal.

I once did a new logo for a prominent college, the final design included so many graphic clues linking their new logo to the history, philosophy, and vision for the future of the college. We were able to visually translate their IDENTITY and FUTURE DIRECTION in a graphical language. This can only happen after we have done our ‘homework’ and learnt everything we could about that particular school, history and philosophy. No overseas auction-style designer would even know or care who you are, what you do, and what your philosophy is.

Another consideration, again; I have had one new client that approached me for quoting a logo. Being a very small business, and a nice guy, I quoted very little at $150. But, he thought that it was too expensive, and declined my offer. Two month later, that same person came back to me, with a logo that he had acquired for around $40 from one of these auction-type websites. He felt embarrassed (obviously) but the logo supplied (which looked fine) was not produced in a usable way; there was no colour Pantone breakdown, and he needed his logo in two colours to print his stationery. Getting back to the original designer was very difficult, and time consuming, and he just gave-up.

So, I fixed it for him – free of charge – because I am a nice guy, and because he did not have much money. I thought at the time that hopefully he would have learn his lesson, and that he might remember who to talk to, next time he needs graphic design work done.

He did, and he is now very happy to get things done the way he wants it, when he wants it!

PROS of using a local Professional;

  • You can meet and really have a feel for the person that will develop your brand,
  • You can meet, and see if you are on the same wave-length, saving time and money, rather than explain yourself over and over with somebody that simply does not get you,
  • You can talk to that person, and see if you can trust this person, and that he/she will be committed to your needs, and will give you the time necessary to achieve your goals,
  • You can develop a relationship, with the one designer which understand you and your needs. You do not need to explain what you like, and want to a new designer every time you need something done. You can also save money when you call on that relationship, to produce work on the cheap because you do not have a fantastic budget for that particular job… it’s all about the big picture, and the long-term relationship between client, and supplier, where everyone wins,
  • A local professional will take the tame to understand you, and your business. He will produce something really unique, and tailor-made to your needs.

CONS of using a remote online designer;

  • The cheaper the quote, the less time, and care they will allocate to your needs,
  • Pay peanuts, and you get monkeys
  • Timezones are a pain when you need something done now!
  • Language barrier are dangerous; if you cannot be understood, your needs will not be met and you will end-up with something inappropriate or bland,

Yes, big time!

I often compare it to the way you speak or dress yourself. In a business situation, and in life in general, if you want people to trust you, you cannot look and behave like an axe murderer, or a spaced-out cabbage!

The relationship between Graphic Design, as a tool to gather business, is also very much like court-ship. If you want to get the prettiest girl out for a first date, don’t turn-up looking like a bum, and make a fool of yourself.

A logo speaks for you or against you to everybody else. A professional logo, makes you look professional. A creative, smart, quirky, funny logo, speaks volume on who you are, and what your business is all about. When you are pitching a client, you would leave your Business card behind, and if it is a cheap, horrible looking thing… well, I do not fancy your chances to get that client on board.

“Image is everything” our tong-in-cheek motto may sounds shallow, and in many ways it is, but it is also a fundamental truth, that ignoring would come at great cost to you and your business.

Every designs we produce are not one-size-fit-all. Each of our designs are taiilor-made to only suit you, and your business.

We guarantee that you will always feel 200% satisfied, or we will work until you are! Regardless of your budget, you will be happy! That is our promise!

90% of our customers have been with us for numerous years, and 99.9% of our clients come to us from referrals from our pool of satisfied customers.

Referrals are so successful that we never advertise or actively look for more work. And we feel EXTREMELY privileged to be in that position.

Another deceiving issue, here…

Some charge very little hourly rate, as to become financially more attractive, but charge more hours to be paid what the job is really worth.

We charge depending on what expertise is required. Very trick job, with big outcome, a bigger hourly rate would apply. Simple job would be charged a modest hourly rate.

At König Design, we prefer listen to what you need, what outcome you are hoping to gain, and your budget range, if you have one. Then we can tell you what solution(s) we can offer, and at what price.

A quote will always be very precise in what in encompasses, and how many hours are allocated to this particular job. If, we feel that we are approaching the budget ceiling fast, and that we are no way near finished, then we would, IN ADVANCE, make you aware that we are soon to be over-budget, and then work together to either get the job done quickly and in budget, or to re-evaluate our estimate based on a new updated quote.

Well, that is not an option for König Design to not be able to give you what you want. A great deal of listening skills, empathy, experience, and industry knowledge, has allowed us to always been able to offer what our customers wanted.

We will re-work our design(s) until you are 200% happy, even if it costs us!

I sometimes have clients that tell me that they are happy with what we produce, but really meaning that it is only “OK”. We will never be satisfied with our work being just “OK”, Seriously! When that happen, We usually inform the client that we want them to be REALLY HAPPY and EXCITED about what we produce. OK is not enough! We then re-work our offering until they become 200% happy!

Because we care for our client, and what we produce!

Your satisfaction is paramount to us!

Of course! Please fill our Contact Us form, and we will endeavour to get back to you the same day!


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